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The bugle was the choice of instrument, in ancient times, for the royalties to make an important announcement. Inspired by this concept, the brand BUGLE announces the advent of the latest trendsetters into the Fashion block.

Fashion prevails over various aspects of our daily lives and we have a vast repertoire of fashion accessories including fragrances, bags and accessories. Our fragrance portfolio includes EDTs, Deodorants,Perfume Gift sets at the most competitive prices. Our enchanting fashion choices are sure to mesmerize you

Our Team

Bugle Group collaborates with the best French fine fragrance makers of the world. We have a team that consists of dedicated and experienced professionals, for whom, perfume is a passion.Our production, marketing concept & design teams work hand in hand along with the export sales team to comeout with the best fragrances and provide true world class services to our valued customers.

Our Retail Partners
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